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Nurse Scheduling

A mobile and web app that will provide an optimal or a feasible employee planning solution for hospitals. Constraints such as a nurse working on a late night shift followed by a day shift the next day are taken into consideration.


Supermarket Scheduling

Do you need to schedule a role-specific shift, a cashier, or a shelve organizer? How about trainees that you have to prioritize before scheduling the permanent employees? High flexibility and complexity are dealt with within a custom app.


Manufactoring Scheduling

Also called job-shop scheduling, is a highly complex task. Problems such as item production priority or machine availability are some of the factors that have to be considered for this process. Finding an optimal solution is possible with clever algorithms or heuristics.


Hybrid Flutter Apps

Digitalization solutions for your company, with access both in the browser, desktop, or mobile phone. Fast and clean implementation, empowered by a single codebase will help you reduce development costs while allowing you to grow your business.

Skills applied in the Banking and Logistics Sector
Tech Stack: React, Flutter, GCP, MiniZinc
Creator of the Nurse Scheduling App
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Nurse Scheduling App
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A highly motivated mathematics and management graduate with proven theoretical and practical skills. Also an advocate of truthfulness and precise communication for great teamwork in the workplace.

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